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Certified Technicians

We are strive to provide the highest level of quality service and knowledge on any type of bicycle repair. Our experienced technicians are some of the best in our area, going above and beyond typical service on a wide variety of bicycles, recumbents, ebikes and more.

Whether your ride needs a small adjustment, tune-up, overhaul, an upgrade or something else - we've got you covered. We stock many common parts in order to have you back on the road or trail quickly.


Service Rates

Basic Safety Check - $50.00 - Inspection of all systems, wheels/gearing/brakes/bearings with minimal adjustment or servicing to adequately ensure the bicycle is SAFE to ride under normal circumstances.

Basic Tune-up - $95.00 + Components- Inspection/adjustment of braking systems, gearing systems, bearing systems, wheel truing/maintenance, installation of minor accessories, cleaning of frame, wheels and drivetrain.

Overhaul - Pricing Varies based on needs